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Bill Cipher's Party Time is finally here! by Thinston
Bill Cipher's Party Time is finally here!
So, I put this up a few days ago on tumblr, but I thought I'd throw it up on here too, just because man, that last episode!

It's a parody of Nedroid's classic Party Cat series, obviously. Actually, I drew this version of the parody before the episode aired, and made this update right after. I like this version better, because that ending...holy cow!

I might actually have liked that last episode more than NWHS; I'm not sure yet. I feel terrible for Mabel, though. That heartbreak in her voice and her realization when she found out whose hands she had just played into...devastating. Great acting from Kristen Schaal. I hope Mabel's going to be okay. The way Bill just forced her to sleep with a snap of his fingers was disconcerting. And the terrified screams of tons of people in the distance and helicopters desperately scrambling during the end credits, wow. Not what I expected from a Disney cartoon. It really felt like a Walking Dead level apocalypse. the same time, Bill was just so excited and happy to finally be ending the world that I couldn't help but think, "Aww, good job, Bill. You did it! You did the thing."

It's party time.
Ominous Triangle Slumber Party (+1 Irken) by Thinston
Ominous Triangle Slumber Party (+1 Irken)
Yeah. I don't really have a good explanation for this; like everyone, I've had Peri-fever lately, and the obvious "ominous triangle at the foot of my bed = Bill Cipher" jokes melded with the equally obvious Peridot/Zim comparisons, leading to a smol slumber party at Steven's house.

After makeovers, further traditional slumber party activities will include:

- Truth or Dare
- S'mores
- Ouija Board
- Bloody Mary
- Accidental viewing of late-nite "mature content" television
- Cops called on house
- Everybody grounded

...and so on.

Oh, also, Illuminati confirmed.

Looking forward to today's new SU!

On Tumblr.
Bathtime Fun with Peridot! by Thinston
Bathtime Fun with Peridot!
Finally, a villain for cat people.

Minidot/Fun-Sized Bathroom Peridot discovers bubble bath.

Also, I think Peridot reached Peak Zim in this episode. Amazing.

On Tumblr.

Little Idol Steven in the greatest achievement ever of mankind. SO CUTE. I just had to do a quick little doodle.

Eat your heart out Hannah Montana and I love all the adorable Idol Steven fanart already. I demand more Idol Steven fanart! More!

On Tumblr.


Ignatious J. Thinston
United States
"How dare you, sir?"

Anyways, Wrongheaded and I have begun to wade into the waters (hysterical! A quaint pun!) of webcomic-ry with Required Reading, a literary parody webcomic. Not quite ready for publication yet (as right now it updates very sporadically), but surely our doing so will not bring culture and commerce crashing to a screeching halt. Right?

Required Reading (Book Webcomics)

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Current Residence: Simon's attic
Favourite photographer: Bob
Favourite style of art: Splotchy
Shell of choice: Oyster
Favourite cartoon character: The sea
What's all this, then?

~ Ignatious J.

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